As a church, we believe that we are called to make disciples of Jesus Christ. This means that we strive to humbly engage unbelievers with the gospel, to love all people as God loves us, and to contend for our faith and the faith of others in a community of believers, as together we are changed into the image of Christ.


Urban Hills Church desires to love all people with the love of Christ, to speak the truth in love whenever necessary, to know and be known by other believers as we grow to be like Christ, to invite unbelievers to experience the transforming power of the gospel and to see all aspects of life as worship of God. Only by the power of the gospel of grace can we achieve this, and only by the power of the gospel of grace are we accepted before we ever do.


Where do I go?

Urban Hills Church
350 E. Royal Lane, Suite 116
Irving, TX 75039

Dallas Communications Complex, Building 4

Sunday Evenings -- 5:00pm

What will it be like?

We look forward to the opportunity to come together every Sunday to praise and worship Jesus. You'll experience live music as we sing several songs together. There will be prayer and teaching from the Bible, and we observe the Christian ordinance of Communion every week. All are welcome to join us for our worship gatherings.

What do I wear?

Like Jesus, we care more about you as a person than your outward appearance. At our Sunday gatherings, you might see people dressed down in shorts and a t-shirt or dressed up in dresses or slacks and a jacket. What you wear isn't our top concern; we're just happy for the opportunity to meet and share the love of Jesus with you.

What about my kids?

We offer classes for kids from birth through fifth grade. Our teachers and workers endeavor to teach kids the gospel in lesson, song, activity, etc. During the first Sunday of every month, we ask parents to keep school-age children with them in the corporate gathering for our monthly Family Worship Sunday.